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Horse Riding

Dolphin Watching

Stand-Up Paddle Tours


Our team mainly comprise of surfers who’re passionate about what they do. They’ve been in the industry long enough to master every skill in the industry.

We’re surfers who love surfing and teach the skills we’ve gained over the years.

Why Choose Us

Lodgings with views of the sea to check the tide

The best surf spots and beaches

Friendly BBQ

Cool sea breeze

The best campfire songs and surfing stories

Delicious dinners and breakfast

The best beach beer

Unforgettable experiences with your loved ones

A friendly atmosphere

Availability of different wave levels for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers

Exceptional teaching methods with high success rates

The best security measures


Fun Ride Surf Camp is your go-to surfing camp for healthy, safe, and fun times for the whole family.

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Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Fun Rides Surf Camp is to help you learn how to surf in the shortest time possible while having the most fun. Our vision is to ensure that you make the most of your holidays doing some you love.

We aim at creating a broad multilingual and multicultural environment where you can make contact with nature to enjoy your summers. We ensure you learn how to surf as a fun way to live a balanced and healthy life.

With us, you get to immerse yourself in a relaxing environment during your holidays as you enjoy surfing, partying with great people and sandy beaches for memorable experiences.

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